If you’re the kind of guy who just can’t seem to be satisfied with the amount of bling he has, then gold grillz could be just the thing for you. Often referred to as the “ultimate pimp” add-on, the new collection of detachable gold teeth in the market these days is “blinding”. Designed to sit atop natural teeth, the grillz for sale are usually made out of silver and gold plate with rhodium, to provide them with a reflective white surface, through a process described as “flashing”. Subsequently, they are speckled with a wide assortment of different gemstones along with cubic zirconia and different metals in an array of wild designs.

People who want to truly “pimp out” can buy matching teeth grillz for their belts, pimp cups, spinner watches, etc. to get the ultimate gangster look.

Quality grillz are custom-made from a mold of each person’s teeth, and they are not cheap. Also, it is essential to find out who’s making them and to make sure you’re buying a quality product. If you’re buying grillz with rhodium you have to be careful of certain chemical complexes that can be reactive, and which have proven to be lethal on rats. Furthermore, rhodium compounds can badly stain the human skin.

If you’re looking for grillz for sale here are some of the key features to look for:

1. Price
You can find grills as low as $20 but it depends on factors like the material, brand, features, etc. The key as always is to shop around. This will help you find the unit that’s right for you and the lowest price. Both of these factors are critical to make sure you’re getting the best deal. The old saying that you get what you pay for basically applies. So if you want high-quality grillz you should be willing to shell out more money for that quality. It’s arguably worthwhile if you’re getting high-end grillz.

2. Plated
This is a common design among grillz that includes materials like gold and silver. Gold-plated is one of the best options if you want the fake teeth to be extra tough. Meanwhile, without the plating the teeth will be less durable, which is a situation you’ll want to avoid. Make sure to consider other features so you’ll be getting the best grills available for the price. The value of the grillz is just as important as the price.

3. Materials
There’s many materials used to produce grillz including silver, gold, platinum, and precious stones like diamonds. It’s important to select the material that’s best for your needs. That includes the look and feel you want to create using the grillz and your budget. You can also find items that look like those materials but are actually made from cheaper materials. The units have a lower price tag but also less durability so it’s an important issue to consider.

4. Style
There’s grillz in a wide range of styles available. If you’re picking one make sure it’s a style that you’ll feel comfortable sporting whenever you wear the unit. The best way to find the right style is to browse all the options at a website until you find one you like. That’s the most effective way to get the best grillz possible.

5. Retailer
This is a key issue in terms of trust, security, etc. There’s many websites whose offerings include grillz. However, make sure the company is legit. It’s unfortunate but there are many “fake” online stores that are scams. It’s also important to click through the site and look for red flags that it’s not a real company. Another matter is the website’s security so look for things like secure servers and strong encryption. This will help to protect personal/financial info that’s sent to the company.

6. Guarantee/Warranty
Make sure the grillz have some sort of guarantee or warranty. It will help to protect your investment. IF the grillz are low-cost you shouldn’t expect an incredible warranty. However, it’s still helpful if there’s some sort of warranty available so you can have peace of mind in case something goes wrong after your purchase. Remember the saying that “stuff” happens in life. The best way to prepare for those situations is to make sure you protect your investments including your new set of grillz.