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It is no surprise then, that there may be certain parts of this website that can be a bit rough on the edges. This is where we need you to step in – if you spot errors, don’t keep them to yourself; let us know. Just fill in the form below and we will do our best to fix it. We will make sure that those errors don’t show up again because such errors should not prevent the proper uptake and understanding of the content that we present in this website.

Our mission and vision is to help newbie golf players from all over the world master golf because there’s tremendous amount of joy that can be found in this sport. Unfortunately, we’ll be failing in our mission if certain errors or missing pages get in the way. So if you spot these errors, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

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Like with any information-based resource, there is always a chance that the content being published is out-dated. This is a risk that we take because that’s just the way life is on the Internet. Information changes rapidly because it involves trends that may have been applied at one point in time, but may not be valid later on. If you noticed that there is some out-dated or obsolete information, speak up and let us know, so we can make sure that our information continues to help people regardless of their golf skill level.

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We understand that oftentimes, the way the content is presented is just as important as the value of the content. If you have certain problems or clarity issues with the way we display our information, speak up. We would love to get your feedback, so we can continue to fine-tune and modify our content presentation system to help as many people as possible.