Children like to catch fun and they use every means available to play with squishy materials such as dough, play putty and foam. There are numerous varieties of these kinds of toys in the marketplace and on the Windsor Smiths website, although it is wise to consider the recommended age restrictions before making a purchase. Play putty and the other varieties, such as plasticine, is designed to ensure safety if accidentally swallowed by the kid. However, you wouldn’t like your kid swallowing this stuff since it has no benefits and wouldn’t do them much good. They would only discover that it tastes bad, and it is a bad thing to spend a day in the hospital. The safety of kids is paramount to the parents, and they must ensure that their kids are safe from danger or any product that might cause them harm.

There are numerous recipes available on the internet that will guide you in making your dough or putty at home, and most of them involve the use of water, flour, and food coloring, so that if you are bold and daring, you could make your dough and even give your child the permission to assist you. This would enable you to make the dough that suits your needs and standard and also ensure the safety of your kid. However, the cleanest and the most comfortable way are to purchase a pack, since they are cheap, affordable and readily available.

It is pretty easy to use squishy toys and can be likened to child’s play. And although they were designed specifically as kids’ toys, the true fact is that anyone can use them. Tactile and can easily expand under pressure, simply squeeze up to any desired point to release the stress! Designed with some attractive designs, cool features, choose your favorite item from our super collection of attractive animals, funny emojis, tasty cakes, playful vegetables as well as the widely used household objects. The unique feature of this item is that you have numerous varieties of the item to choose from.

Though they are designed for kids they are also ideal for adult, helping you stay in a comfortable and focused position at home, at the office, while on the road, when you are expecting someone or while staying outside. They are great at reducing stress and phobias, anxiety, and their therapeutic benefits offer them more features than the being used as kids’ squishy toys.

Squishy animals can be used as a stress ball for the anticipated moments of our life. Rub and squeeze them in times of uneasiness and watch how your stress will fizzle out! Some believe that the feeling of poking/rubbing them is a heavenly feeling and ecstasy moment. These attractive animals are very strong with a small size – and have the ability to withstand wear and tear as well as knocks.

Place the item at anywhere you want. From your mirror to your desk to your laptop – the squishy animals offer you numerous benefits from anywhere. This attractive creature “squishies” will surely get you numerous compliments as to how attractive they are. Asides this, they are sure to add more attractive settings to your home décor thereby giving you all-around benefit.

Cleaning Instructions:

Cleaning the gorgeous animal squishy is necessary to keep them fresh and nice and ready to help you tackle the stress and the anxiety of the day!

  1. Mix a bit of detergent with water to clean the silicone squishy
  2. Use scotch tape and stick it to the squishy, this helps eliminate any remaining dirt and dust particles.