Once you capture a Pokémon, it is your task as a trainer to, well, train it. After going to the best place to buy Pokémon Go accounts, there are three parts of a Pokémon to have at the back of your mind when training in Go:

Stats. Combat Points, or CP, is by a country mile the most vital of a Pokémon’s stats and decides the extent of damage it deals in battle. There’s also the Hit Points (HP) stat, which happens to be the amount of damage a Pokémon could withstand, however, HP tracks closely to CP, and the two accelerate simultaneously, therefore it is fine to concentrate just on CP.

Type. Every Pokémon has a type, like “Bug,” “Water,” or “Flying,” that decides what other types it is strong and weak against.

Moves. In Go, every Pokémon possesses two moves, a special move, and a standard move. Every move has a type too.

Improving a Pokémon’s stats

Pokémon in Go don’t have experience points and levels like what’s obtainable with other Pokémon games, however, they could still be made stronger with your assistance. There are two methods to boost your Pokémon’s stats: provide it with a Power-Up or possibly evolve it into a more effective version of itself.

Power Ups: A Power Up boosts a Pokémon’s HP and CP. To carry out a Power Up, you have one thing that’s a bit more complicated and another thing that’s fairly straightforward. The straightforward thing happens to be Stardust, which you automatically get any time you capture a Pokémon and will require a particular amount of for every Power-Up. The more complicated thing happens to be Candy, which is in a different form for each evolutionary Pokémon line. What does “each evolutionary Pokémon line? mean” For instance, even though Pidgey transforms into Pidgeotto, both typically need Pidgey Candy for Power Ups.

Evolution: Taking a Pokémon to its next evolutionary step needs just Candy, no Stardust. But you may have to collect a huge amount of it. For instance, to convert a useless fish—Magikarp—into its badass dragon descendant Gyarados, you would require a gigantic 400 Magikarp Candy.

Transforming offers a Pokémon a huge CP boost and provides your user with a considerable amount of experience. There’s one thing to be extremely careful of during transformation: Your Pokémon’s moves will be altered afterward. So if you possess a very scarce Pokémon with your chosen move, it may be worth leaving it as it is until you could capture another one.

A brief note on CP: Not every Pokémon were made equal, and it’s simply impossible to produce an elite squad simply by powering up and transforming popular rodents such as Rattatas and Zubats. Every Pokémon, as a matter of fact, has a CP limit that you could see if you go to its detail page.

The current CP level of Pokémon is displayed along with an arc, and CP can’t go past the end of it. This Beedrill possesses a modest 130 CP. That number will be boosted as your user levels up, however, some Pokémon is just weaker and would have low maximums.