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Starting Out In Golf

Golf-ptuj.com understands that starting out in golf can be a hassle. While it's easy to get excited and become passionate about it; getting good at golf involves paying attention to the rules of the game, as well as practicing consistently. Unfortunately, there are certain parts of the golf instruction industry and system that will work against you. I know that you probably haven't heard the game of golf described as a system and industry – but that's the way it is.

There are people who make their money from teaching golf and sadly, often times, you can suffer from conflicts of interests. The bottom line is that coaches and golf academies can be quite robotic and money-hungry; that's just the truth. That's why, it sometimes takes a much longer time to go from being a total newbie to beginner to intermediate expert to full-on expert. In fact, in many cases, this is the work of a lifetime.

We also understand that you don't have all the time in the world; by factoring this in, we get why a lot of golf academies and tutorial systems really go out of their way to ensure that they suck up as much cash out of you as possible. It's as if they make money every time you have a question. Well, you won't find any of those shenanigans on this website.

As long as you're willing to put in the time, you can learn to golf absolutely free. That's right. You can learn the basics from golf-ptuj, without spending one red penny; we can guarantee that. You just have to invest the time, effort and attention to detail.

We have provided a wide range of resources that would enable you to learn how to golf from others who have been where you are; that is our orientation. We don't just recruit experts to talk down to complete beginners – that’s not going to work. Oftentimes, they make all sorts of assumptions and leaps of logic that completely escape people who are only starting out.

What we do, is we talk to intermediate experts who just graduated from a beginner skill level. Their memory is still fresh. They know how to look at the situation from the perspective of somebody who is relatively new. Accordingly, their tutorial materials, as well as the reference materials and other resources are of higher value compared to materials that are written by people who have been experts or pros for a very long time.

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Encouraging Community

Another benefit that you get from this website is that you get an encouraging community. These are people who want you to succeed. These are people who are not going to laugh at you and who are not going to look down on you. Instead, they know where you're coming from. In fact, in many cases, they're still beginners like you. The vast majority of the people here are new; people who are struggling with certain levels of the sport and can definitely empathize and sympathize with you.

Complete Noob Resources

Noob resources are different from the beginner resources because the latter can be written by experts. Unfortunately, expert written materials can be forbidding for they can be a bit distant and can sometimes also be problematic to understand. When an expert writes a tutorial for a beginner, there's a tendency to take shortcuts and to assume that the beginner knows what the expert is talking about. You can't assume certain things because these leaps of logic might actually make the resource completely worthless. We've taken a totally different approach: we contacted noob authors to write about what they're seeing and the solutions from their perspective. This way, you can fully relate and understand whatever answers and resources we have made possible. We have also made available extensive reference materials. If there are any gaps here or any missing information, you can quickly fill in the gaps by simply clicking through these data.

Comprehensive Video Tutorials

If this website ever has a set of crown jewels, it would be the video tutorials. It doesn't matter how bad you are at taking instructions or how experienced you are. The video tutorials on this website pretty much lays out everything in the simplest and clearest manner possible; they’re almost foolproof. You basically have to be blindfolded not to benefit from them. As long as you're willing to pay attention to each step as it is demonstrated in the videos, you can benefit tremendously from these tutorials.

Active Q&A section

We also have an active question and answer section. When people have questions regarding certain elements of golf, feel free to answer. Similarly, if you have questions, post it and we are certain that somebody in our massive and extensive global network and community would have the answer and gladly share it.