Don't Beat Yourself Up

If Your Swing is Wobbly.

I remember the first time I went to play golf and it was really like a comedy of errors. It's like watching a comedian flop on the golf course - whether it was swinging my drive or trying to sink a putt. It was like watching an epileptic having a seizure with a golf club; it's both scary and amusing to people at the same time.

Stay on focus

So, focus on breaking down your swing into small segments instead. Pay attention to what you do before, the quality of your swing during and to the results after you unwind your swing, by breaking it down into fragments and section analysis. You can make small incremental yet necessary changes that would add up to tremendous improvements in your game. That's the way you make progress.

Take into action

Don't just beat yourself up emotionally. You're not going to be achieving much result, if you do that. You're not going to help yourself in any way if you just put yourself down. It's all about taking action. Break it down, pay attention to the right details and keep working at it until you see some improvement; just keep doing it day after day.