You have to

Avoid Injuries

When Perfecting Your Drive

What if I told you, that golf can actually lead to physical injuries? You probably would start laughing at me. If you’re like the typical sports fan, you would find it humorous that people would claim that players can actually get injured playing golf. After all, how hard could it be? What’s so complicated with swinging a stick?

That’s precisely the kind of thinking that ensures only the very best golf players make money off of wealth; because a lot of people think that it’s very easy. If you’ve ever tried your hand at playing golf, you will know that it’s actually quite complicated.

There are lots of things that you need to do before you can sink that golf ball into a hole. You have to swing. You have you have to putt and you have to manage the ball; so that it gets to get from point A to point B in a quick and efficient manner. A key part of this, is the drive.

A lot of people think that golf is injury-free because how hard is it to swing a stick? Well, it’s easy to see why people think that. Other sports are inherently dangerous because let’s face it, when you’re playing football, you run the risk of getting a concussion; that just goes with the territory.


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Similarly, if you are playing baseball, it’s very easy to get beamed. If you’ve ever experienced, you know how fast that ball is going. Some pitchers throw a ball at excess of 100 miles per hour – that is quite a projectile. If you get hit by that thing, it surely is going to hurt. It probably might break a bone or two and it’s not going to feel all that good.

It’s easy to see the physical threat of injury among those sports. However, when it comes to golf, people tend to draw a blank. Although, if you look at the drive section, that’s actually where all the injuries come from.

When you drive, you put a lot of weight on your hip and when you look at an x-ray of the hip bones, you can see how delicate the point of contact is between the socket of the hip and the bone of your upper thigh. If there is a wrong pressure applied to the muscles there, it’s going to hurt like no one’s business. Seriously, it’s as if somebody punched you on the hip and you’re going to be sore for weeks on end. In fact, if you apply weight the wrong way, it might even cause a muscle tear and this would require surgery.

So if you’re a newbie playing golf, you have to avoid injuries when perfecting your drive. How do you do this? Simply pay close attention to how you put your weight on your drive. Break down the swing movement, so you can see how much force is being applied and then modify the force accordingly.

This means you can modulate your range of movement, as well as the amount of power you put into your swing. This way, when your weight shifts, you can manage it; so it doesn’t place all on your hip – this is where you get in trouble. You run the danger of dislocating your hip socket or injuring the muscles or connecting tissues in that area.

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